Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day Momma

Today I am thousands of miles from my dear mom on this Mother’s Day, so, I pray to do what I can to wish her the best day and to cancel out those miles between us.  Physical distance means nothing when two hearts are so tenderly sewn together.  Mom, this is for you.

Let me begin my simply saying, “Thank you and I love you”.  You are the most incredible Mother I could have ever had.  I thank the Lord for putting me in your tender, loving care.  I pray to be even half as great a Mom as you have been to me.  You are the strongest woman I know, and I have been so blessed to be your daughter. 

To grow while watching your example was a joy, it was simple and clear.  I would see you do something good and I could see in your radiance the honest happiness you received from your good deed.  This taught me, “Do Good- Be Happy”.

By striving to follow your footsteps I realize that God is in your life, that God is your life.  I know the only way I could one day become a woman or a mother like you is to have God in my life, leading me in Everything that I do.  I’ve seen you pray, I’ve seen you study.  I’ve heard your testimony so many times, I’ve seen your testimony innumerable times.  So many people say actions speak louder than words.  I believe this is very true, you’ve taught me many things from your actions.  But, one thing I love about you is you still don’t forget the words.  I’m not sure how many mothers literally bear their testimony to their children; how many sit in front of them and in actual words say, “I love my Father in Heaven…  I know he lives…   I believe that everything in life happens for a reason… I know that the Book of Mormon is a book written by God to man…  I am humbled to have been given the opportunity to raise such choice children of God…  My life is in His hands…  To worry is to doubt God… I am grateful for my trials….”  These are only a few of the words that I know you have spoken to me in true testimony.  A testimony that when you slow down and I feel the spirit bear witness of the truth of your testimony to me I feel you should say, “In the Name of Jesus Christ Amen”.  But, it usually ends in a hug and a few tears instead :).  I want to tell you thank you for never being afraid to bear your testimony to your children whenever you feel the instinct to so.  Your example is supported by your words, and your testimony is supported by your actions.

I’ve had some hard times in life, we’ve had some hard times in life together, I smile knowing that your hand is always close by and desiring to grasp hold of mine.  I know you will always be with me supporting me and helping me because you always have.  You are my Best Friend.  It’s amazing the comfort that comes from the loving hand of a mother.  Thank you for always reaching for my hand and for guiding me.

Pinkie squeezes.  I love that we have Pinkie Squeezes.  My favorite is when you reach to me behind everyone’s backs in sacrament meeting to squeeze my pinkie finger three loving times.

I LOVE your laugh.  I LOVE your smile.  It is contagious, simple as that.  Anyone who knows you thrives off your happiness.  Why do you think I can’t stop smiling when I talk to you on Skype? :)  You are a happy person.  Thank you for always being so joyful, for teaching me to be optimistic.   Life is good.  Thank you for teaching me that.

Hard work.  That’s my Momma.  Right on that list of things you taught me best is Hard Work.  I’m not afraid of breakin a sweat, I’m not afraid of getting some dirt under my nails, I know that when I do a job I better do it well, and I know to always finish what I start.  Hard work never hurt anyone, thanks for teaching me to stick to a job no matter how hard it may be.

Your dedication to Dad is incredible.  I love watching the two of you.  The way you respect him, the way you love him; another example you’ve set for me to follow is how to treat my future husband.  And when you tell me how much you love Daddy…. Thank you for telling me.  I know you do, but it’s fun to hear it and cute to see you get gitty about Him too :).

By listening to your words, and being the recipient of your prayers was the best way for any child to be raised.  The way you mother fathoms me more and more as I grow older.  You have done such a good job!
Thank you for all you do for me Mom.  Thank you for all that you are.

You’ll be getting a huge hug when I get home on June 5th.  Be ready for it!! :)


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