Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Letters From Loved Ones

Over the past four years I have learned and experienced a pure truth in the words, “Good things are worth waiting for.”  Today was one of those special days when the worthwhile treasure for the waiting was received. 

And, what a beautiful day for it to arrive on.  I woke up to the sun pouring into my window and the sound of my Russian home waking with me; cars hurrying about, birds chirping, and people walking in the street below.  It was going to be a good day right from the start.  I read my scriptures, said my prayers, and headed straight for the computer; an email from a loved one was waiting for me, just as it does every Tuesday morning.  The message is always worth the wonderful week long wait to hear from my best friend, and it never ceases to begin my day with a smile on my face.

I continued my morning with breakfast, getting ready, and reading a book before heading down to school for another day of teaching my wonderful sponge like students.  A wonderful day still.  Then for a run across the river!  Probably only two miles but the opportunity to run and get that high I do from using my incredible body God gave to me always puts me in a good mood.  What a beautiful run it was, jogging near the water and through all of the people in the park: other fellow joggers, parents pushing baby carriages, couples walking hand in hand, teenagers having a good time, kids on bikes and scooters, and slow and steady babushka’s out on their nightly stroll.  I was happy to join all of them in relishing the warm spring evening.  When I began walking the rest of the way home down Leninski Prospekt it began to sprinkle, a perfect way to cool down at the end of my run.  Then, it began to pour!  A sudden extra burst of adrenaline started pulsing through my body with the rain and I resumed my run; Thunder and lightning accompanied me only adding to the strength I was feeling.  I kept going, hardly able to see through the beads of water forming on my eyelashes.  I ran hard, harder than before, running through puddles that splashed walls of water around me as I raced passed the long lines of the soldiers in green uniforms and flat hats marching against me.

Finally, I walked through the large metal door to my apartment building and glanced at the mail box as I always do- a habit formed from waiting; patiently waiting for letters sent over two months ago.  Noticing something white showing through the three holes, I assumed another unreadable ad had been dropped in only with the fate of being recycled.  With a bead of water dripping from the tip of my nose I unlocked the mailbox.  I found not an ad to be recycled but a white cardstock Ready Post envelope with a red cross stamped in the center and my name on the recipient line; I found my treasure worth waiting for. 

Ah!  I was so excited; I hurried upstairs, kicked off my drenched tennis shoes, and headed straight for my window seat to read my letters.  Ripping open the envelope and dumping the folded letters on my lap I almost started to cry- they were here.  I looked out my window and saw the beautiful sunset and smiled, They were finally here!  I read each one slowly; carefully.  I smiled, I laughed, I cried, and I smiled some more.  Each letter spilled with love from my family members, jokes, encouragement, words of longing, concern, and support; each one made me so happy.  Oh, how I love my family.  I’m not sure I can express my love for them in words.  I hope they understand how strong this feeling is inside of me.  They are amazing; my family brings me some of my greatest joys, my greatest support, and my greatest learning.  I will ever be grateful to the Lord for placing me in such a special family unit.  They all are so incredible, so special and different and strong in their own ways.  They all make me stronger.  I love you.  Daddy, Momma, Aaron, Sam, Ashley, and Alisha-Kate, I love you all so much.  Thank you for your inspiring, and loving letters. 

I will ever treasure these precious Letters from my Loved Ones.  They were certainly worth waiting for :)

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